Name of the Teaching staff Designation Highest qualification Specialization Mail View Profile
Dr. Jayati Ghosh (HOD) Assistant Professor M.Sc.,Ph.D Parasitology and
Immunobiology View Profile
Dr. Basuli Maitra Assistant Professor M.Sc.,Ph.D Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology View Profile
Sujit Kumar Bhowal Assistant Professor M.Sc. Cytogenetics & Molecular
Biology View Profile
Ivy Kundu Assistant Professor. M.Sc,B.Ed Endocrinology View Profile
Sumana Das Assistant Professor M.Sc in Zoology Endocrinology and Reproductive
Physiology View Profile
Chandan Sarkar Assistant Professor M.Sc., B.Ed., View Profile
Dr. Kamales Kumar Misra Guest Teacher M.Sc.,Ph.D e-mail Id: View Profile
C.R.Sahu Guest Teacher M.Sc.,Ph.D View Profile
Madhusudan Ghosal Guest Teacher M.Sc.,Ph.D View Profile
Dr. Sumana Tarafder Mukherjee Part-time Teacher Msc, B.Ed., Ph.D. View Profile
Dr. Sutapa Sanyal Assistant Professor M.Sc., B.Ed. and Ph.D Fishery and Aquaculture View Profile