Dr. Sutapa Sanyal

Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed. and Ph.D
Specialization: Fishery and Aquaculture
Designation: Assistant Professor
e-mail id: sutapa2007.sanyal@gmail.com

Master’s Degree: M.Sc. in Zoology Ph.D (Science): Ph.D in 2013 Specialization: Fishery and Aquaculture Research Area: Fish Microbiology and Preservation Previous Colleges served: Bethune College (from 25th April 2007 to 15th June 2015) Membership Profile: Life Member of Zoological Society, Kolkata

Research Activities:

(1) Projects Completed/ Continuing:

Research Projects Completed

Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount sanctioned Duration
Health hazards assessment from antibiotic resistance bacteria associated with waste fed freshwater fishery UGC Minor Research Project in Science (Project No.PSW/054/09-10) Rs 1,15,000/- 2009-2011

II. Research Guidance: nil

III. Publication (till date):

Research Articles

1. Sutapa Sanyal, Abhisek Basu and Samir Banerjee. 2010. Occurrence and antibiotic susceptibility among coliform bacteria isolated from sewage exposed fish. Recent Research in Science and Technology, 2(3): 42–47.

2. Sutapa Sanyal, Abhisek Basu and Samir Banerjee. 2011. Drug Resistance Profiles of Coliforms from Sewage Exposed Fish. World journal of fish and marine sciences. 3(4): 275-282 .

3. Sutapa Sanyal and Samir Banerjee. 2013. Transferable drug resistant coliforms in fish exposed to sewage. Archives of Polish Fisheries. 21: 29-39. .

4. Saswati Sinha, Sutapa Sanyal. 2013. Acclimatization to Heat Stress in Nistari Race of Bombyx mori . Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies. 1 (6): 61-65.

5. Sutapa Sanyal and Sukanya Ghosh. 2014. Prey selectivity and efficient biocontrol of dengue by guppies: effects of alternative prey and habitat complexity. International Journal of Pure and Applied Zoology. 2(4): 339-347.


Sutapa sanyal, Abhisek Basu and Samir Banerjee. 2011. Occurrence and antibiotic susceptibility of bacteriological indices isolated from fish cultured in waste fed wet land. Diversification of aquaculture. Edited by: Archna Sinha , Suvhendu Datta and B. K. Mahapatra. Narendra Publishing House. Chapter 19, pp. 201-209.