Sujit Kr. Bhowal

Qualification: M.Sc.
Specialisation: Cytogenetics & Molecular Biology
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Research Activities:

Projects Completed/ Continuing: Inventorization of Sacred Groves in Nadia district of West Bengal Approved and Sanctioned by West Bengal Biodiversity Board, Kol- 700106.

Research Papers

I. Research Guidance: N.A.
II. Publication (till date):

1. Synthesis and assessment of fertility-regulating potential of 2- (2''-chloroacetamidobenzyl)-3-(3'-indolyl) quinoline in adult rats as a male contraceptive agent, Sujit K. Bhowal, Sanchita Lala, Abhijit Hazra, Priyankar Paira, Sukdeb Banerjee, Nirup B Mondal, Smritinath Chakraborty, Contraception. 2008 Mar; 77 (3):214-222.

2. Review on some male fertility regulating agents and development of prospective male contraceptive, Sujit Kr. Bhowal, Conscientia, 2011; 1(2): 43-52.

3. Embryotoxic effect of butanolic part of the aqueous extract of Chenopodium album seeds in female rats (Poster presentation), D. Mandal, S. Kumar, S. Banerjee, N. B. Mandal, Sujit Kr. Bhowal and S. N. Chakraborty, Symposium on trends in molecular and applied approaches to reproduction and 15th annual meeting of ISSRF, 2005, Kolkata, India.

4. Preliminerystatus survey of natural biodiversity in the wetlands of Panchla, Howrah district, West Bengal and its impact on livelihood of local people, P. Ghosh, S. K. Bhowal and P. Sanyal, Abstract in National Conference on Biodiversity, 2014, Pg. 157, Kolkata, India.