Dr. Subhasis Chakrabarti

Qualification: M. Sc, Ph.D
Designation: Associate Professor
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Dr. Subhasis Chakrabarti is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, Krishnagar Govt College, Krishnanagar. He obtained his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Jadavpur University. After obtaining his Ph.D. he joined in W.B.E.S.as a lecturer in Physics, A.B.N.Seal College, Coochbehar. Dr. Chakrabarti has authored twenty research papers in international journals in the fields of exciton-phonon participation in solid state photoreaction, role of phonon in solid state phase transition and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. A partial list of publication is provided below.

Research Activities:

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(III) Publication:

1. Classical and chemical effects of SERS from 2,2’:5,2’ terthiophene adsorbed in Ag-sols. U.K. Sarkar, A.J.Pal, SubhasisChakrabartiandT.N.MisraChem.Phys.Lett 190,59,1992

2. A comparative study of SERS from α-sexithiophene and other thiophene oligomers. U.K. Sarkar, SubhasisChakrabartiand T.N.MisraChem.Phys.Lett , 200, 55,1992

3. Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic study of isomericanisidines adsorbed on colloidal silver Particles. U.K. Sarkar, SubhasisChakrabarti and T.N.Misra J. Raman Sprectrosc. 24, 97, 1993

4. Spectoscopic study of solid state photoreaction of di n-propyl ester of dicyano p- phenylenediacrylic acid. M.Ghosh, SubhasisChakrabarti, M.Sarkar and T.N.MisraJ.PolymSci A32, 797,1994

5. Topochemically controlled solid state photoreaction in 7-acetoxy coumarin: A Raman phonon spectroscopic study. M.Ghosh, SubhasisChakrabarti and T.N. MisraJ.PhysChem Solids 12, 1891,1996.

6. Spectroscopic study of solid state photoreaction in organic crystals: Photopolymerizationofdiethyl ester of p-phenylenediacrylic acid. M.Ghosh, T.K.Mondal, SubhasisChakrabartiandT.N.Misra J. Raman Sprectrosc. 29, 807, 1998