Dr. Soumitra Paul

Qualification:M.Sc, Ph.D.
Designation: Assistant Professor
e-mail id: psoumitra@ymail.com

Master’s Degree: Botany, 2005, Ph.D (Science): Botany, 2013, Specialization: Plant Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Area: Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Previous Colleges served:
Membership Profile: 1. Editorial Board Member of American Journal of Agricultural Sciences (American Association for science and Technology)
2. Life Member of ISCA (Indian Science Congress Association)

Research Activities:

(i) Projects Completed/ Continuing:
(ii) Research Guidance:
(iii) Publication (till date):

1. Paul S, Datta SK, Datta K. 2015. miRNA regulation of nutrient homeostasis plants Frontiers in Plant Science (in Press)

2 . Paul S, Gayen D, Datta SK, Datta K. 2015. Dissecting root proteome of transgenic rice cultivars unravels metabolic alteration and accumulation of novel stress responsive proteins under drought stress. Plant Science 234: 133-143

3. Paul S, Ali N, Datta SK, Datta K. 2014. Development of iron enriched high yielding indica rice cultivar by introgression of high iron trait from transgenic iron biofortified rice. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition 69: 203 -208. (Citation: 1)

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5. Ali N, Paul S, Gayen D, Sarkar SN, Datta SK, Datta K. 2013. Development of low phytate rice by RNAi mediated seed-specific silencing of inositol 1,3,4,5,6-penta kis phosphate 2-kinase gene (IPK1). PLoS One 8 (7): 12.(Citations: 17)

6. Ali N, Paul S, Gayen D, Sarkar SN, Datta SK, Datta K. 2013. RNAi mediated down regulation of myo-1nositol 3 phosphate synthase to generate low phytate rice. Rice 6: 12. (Citations: 4)

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Contribution to popular science

11. GM Crops: “Alternative paradigm” for food security show. Soumitra Paul and Riddhi Datta. Biotecnika. May, 2014

12. CRISPR Cures: Technology promises to rewrite genome reversing genetic disorders. Riddhi Datta and Soumitra Paul. Biotecnika. July, 2014