Qualification: M.Sc.,Ph.D
Designation: Assistant Professor
e-mail id: jayati1973@yahoo.com

Master’s Degree : University of Calcutta,1997 Ph.D (Science): Jadavpur University, 05.03.2010 Specialization: Parasitology and Immunobiology Research Area: Insect gut microbes Previous Colleges served: Maulana Azad College Membership Profile: Life member of “The Indian Society for Parasitology”

Research Activities:

(1) Projects Completed/ Continuing:

Research Projects Completed

Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount sanctioned Duration
Studies on gut parasites of Periplaneta americana. UGC Minor Project PSW / 032 / 04-05(ERO) dated 03.03.05 Rs.60,000/- 2 years
Studies on the diversity of Nyctotherus ovalis associated with hind gut of cockroach, Periplaneta americana using PCR-based 18s rDNA analysis UGC Minor Project PSW / 041/ 11-12 (ERO) dated 03.08.11 Rs.1,92,000/- 2 years

II. Research Guidance: nil

III. Publication (till date):

1) T. Krishnan, A. Sen, J. Sinha Choudhury (Ghosh), S.Das, T. N. Naik, S. K. Bhattacharya (1999) Emergence of adult diarrhoea rotavirus in Calcutta, India, The Lancet 353: 380-381

2) J. Ghosh, A.Gayen (2006) The protozoan fauna living in the digestive system of Periplaneta americana in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Journal of Parasitic Diseases, Vol. 30, No.1, 76-80.

3) Contributed Unit 1, 2, 3 of Course Code EZO 11:Parasitology and Immunology of course material published by Netaji Open University.

4) Ghosh J., Gachhui, R., Dasgupta, B. (2008). An unusual kind of inclusion in Nyctotherus ovalis occurring in Periplaneta americana in Kolkata: A preliminary report. Journal of Natural History. 4(1): 1-4

5) N. Dey, J. Sinha Choudhury (Ghosh), D. Pathak, R.K. Paikaray, S.K. Mohanty, A.K. Jana, D.J. Chattopadhyay, and S.K. Ghosh (2012) Atypical response of virus energized jute (Corchorus olitorius) seeds in producing higher fibre yield with sustainability under different agro-ecological situations. J. Mycopathol. Res. 50(1): 19-25.

6) Jayati Ghosh and Ratan Gachhui. Profile of aerobic bacteria associated with gut regions of cockroach Periplaneta americana. Proceedings of the National Conference of Challenges in Biodiversity Conservation and Resource Management 26-27 February, 2013 (in Press).

7) Ghosh, J. 2011. Wolbachia: Potential targets for control of filariasis. Conscientia 1(2): 24-32.