Prof. C. R. Sahu

Qualification : M.Sc.,Ph.D
Designation : Guest Teacher
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Retired Professor, Dept. of Zoology, Kalyani University Specialisation: Cell and Developmental Biology

Research Activities:

Research Guidance: (2009-2014)

1. Sejunti Roy Ameliorative agents in the recovery of pesticidal effct in dev. Chick embryo. Kalyani University 2009
2. Kalidas Mondal A study on some bivoltine sulkworm breeds and hybrids of B. mori L under the temperate climatic condition of hills of Darjeeling, W.B. Kalyani University 2010
3. Sanchya Kr.Sarkar Sperm specific protein from marine miollusc: A potential candidate molecule for fertility control Kalyani University 2010
4. Uday Shankar Das Studies on some hematobiochemical components …. Black Bengal goats of West Bengal Kalyani University 2011
5. Biduyt Baran Roy Antigenic and Genetic characterization of foot and mouth duisease virus isolates recovered from the cattle of West Bengal Kalyani University 2011
6. Surya Prabhakar Effects of probiotics …on ornamental fishes Kalyani University 2011
7. A.Nandy Studies on some aspects of reproductive failure in Black Bengal goat. Kalyani University 2014
8. Sagar Chatterjee Study of some genetic markers in some ethnic groups of Indian Population Kalyani University 2014
9. Nilotpol Dutta Assessment of NSAID …in Rats Kalyani University Submitted
9. 10. Abir Dutta Pesticide and reproductive failure in rat K.U. Submitted
11. Atanu Das Effect of drug piroxicam ( COX inhibitor) in rat K.U. To be submitted

I. Research Project: (Current)

1. Electromagnetic radiation exposure to testicular tissues of rats and possible attenuation by vitamins C and E” UGC 2013-2016 Principal Investigator

Publication (from 2009 to till date):

6 (International -3; National 3)