Ali Akbar Shaikh

Qualification: M.Sc, M.Phil
Designation: PTT (Part-time Teacher)
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Ali Akbar Shaikh is a faculty member of Krishnagar Government College, Krishnagar, Nadia, India. He obtained M.Sc in Applied Mathematics from University of Kalyani, India and M.Phil in Mathematics from University of Burdwan, India. Mr. Shaikh has published 6 research papers in different peer reviewed international journals. His research interests include inventory control theory, interval optimization and Particle Swarm Optimization

Research Activities:

(1) Projects Completed/ Continuing: NIL
(2) Research Guidance: None at Present
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Research Papers

I. A Deterministic Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Selling Price Dependent Demand and Three-parameter Weibull Distributed Deterioration (written jointly with A.K. Bhunia), International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations. (Growing Science) (Accepted 2014) online publish 21 February 2014.
II. A deteriorating inventory model with displayed stock-level dependent demand and partially backlogged shortages with all unit discount facilities via Particle Swarm Optimization (written jointly with A.K.Bhunia, S.K.Mahato, C.K.Jaggi), International Journal of System Science: Operation and Logistic,(Taylor and Francis) Accepted 2014
III. A two warehouse deterministic inventory model for deteriorating items with linear trend in time dependent demand over finite horizon by Elitist Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm (written jointly with A.K.Bhunia, A.K. Maiti and M. Maiti), International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations, vol-4 (2013), Page-241-258.
IV. A study on two warehouse partially backlogged deteriorating inventory models under inflation via particle swarm optimization (written jointly with A.K. Bhunia and R.K. Gupta), International Journal of System Science.(Taylor and Francis) (Accepted 2013). Online publish 14 Jun 2013.
V. A deterministic model for deteriorating items with displayed inventory level dependent demand rate incorporating marketing decision with transportation cost (written jointly with A.K. Bhunia), International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations, vol-2 (2011), Page-547-562.
VI. A two warehouse inventory model for deteriorating items with time dependent partial backlogging and variable demand dependent on marketing strategy and time (written jointly with A.K.Bhunia), International Journal of Inventory Control and Management, vol-1(2)(2011), Page-95-110.